Licensing - For Wholesalers and Retailers

There are several different license types that you can apply for through the Department of Agriculture based on the type of food that you produce. 

  • Food & Fuel License Application
  • Dairy License Application

As part of the application process, Food Forge will be inspected by the Department of Agriculture. They will arrange this directly with you.   The inspector will provide an inspection report to you, which you will be provided to Food Forge as proof of passing. This inspection report allows you to operate legally. Later, when you are issued a license certificate, you will need to provide a copy to Food Forge.

Department of Agriculture Applications



Insurance - General and Liability

All licensed businesses using our commercial kitchen facility must provide a certificate of insurance (General Liability and Product Liability) covering themselves and their business for $1 million per occurrence and $2 million in aggregate for both general and product.  

  • Annual policies with Food Liability Insurance Program (FLIP) start at $299 
  • Many local options also exist, such as Clark or Cross Insurance. 
The following entities must be listed as additional insureds: 
Food Forge
PO Box 38  Whitefield, Maine 04353